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Kotlin, an open source language for the JVM and more. http://kotlinlang.org/

Topics of this group are both the Kotlin language itself and its use in development.

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Kotlin Meetup July Edition

Xempus AG

We are looking forward to meeting you at our next event. Xempus AG kindly agreed to host our event.

Doors open at 18.30.
The talks start at 19.00.

Dr. Daniela Steidl & Marina Petrova: How we managed to make Testing fun again with just using 2 Kotlin Features (+ 2 little Frameworks that helped)

In this talk, we'd like to give a technical overview of our platform and specific problem-solution use-case in our codebase, which influenced our test approach very much by simplifying the random customized generation of the test data.

Aleksei Zinovev: Solving computer vision problems in Kotlin using KotlinDL

There are situations when it is necessary to use computer vision and deep learning technologies on a project. Usually, you post a deep learning engineer job and wait, then wait again, and then, when you hire him, puzzle over how to integrate what he did into your production.
But what if there is already an easy way to get simple computer vision capabilities in a few lines of code in your Kotlin project?
Today, I'll show you how to solve some popular problems with Kotlin's deep learning library—KotlinDL.
Beware, the examples will be shown in the new experimental environment, Kotlin Notebooks, and use the latest versions of libraries for data preprocessing and plotting.
Come, it will be neuronly!

More talks are TBD ;)

We need you
Kotlin Meetup is looking for more speakers, venues, and sponsors. Participating in the meetup is an excellent idea to meet the community, try public speaking, and grow together. For details, contact Eugene via [masked].

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KotlinConf Global

JetBrains Event Space