Kotlin Users Group Meetup May



Join us in May to enjoy some sessions and some Kotlin!

If you want to share with us part of your Kotlin journey, or your latest experiment, please contact us. It is a great way to get to know other folks and share your knowledge.



18:30 - Open Doors and Pizza&Beverage

19:00 - All you need to know about Kotlin's documentation engine Dokka - A KDoc to JSON tale (Florian Benz)

Have you ever wanted to turn Javadoc or KDoc into a format that can easily be processed? Code documentation can not only be used to produce classic Javadoc HTML, but can also be used to enrich REST API documentation or UML diagrams. This talk will teach you everything you need to know about Kotlin's documentation engine Dokka to create custom output formats. Following our journey to get Spring Auto REST Docs to work with Kotlin, we will dive into Dokka. The result is a Dokka extension that turns KDoc into JSON.

19:30 - Immutability for Beginners: The Value of val (Nick Skelton)

If you, like the old me, have a vague understanding of immutability (something to do with having to use StringBuilder instead of String?) and are looking for some migrating from Java into Kotlin, this talk is for you.

Coming from the Java/Android world, the first thing you notice when learning Kotlin is "var" and "val". If you are like me and are a humble Java developer, these keywords will be new to you. I found myself using "var" and "?" without really understanding what it meant. Fast forward one year and I finally grasped the true power of writing immutable classes, using immutable variables and why "val" should be your default.

19:45 - Multiplatform fractals with Kotlin (Eugene Petrenko)

Nowadays, one uses many languages to code an applications. Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java, SQL, Kotlin, Android, iOS and so on. Did you know, Kotlin compiles the same code to different platforms? With that, you reduce the number of languages in your application and benefit from code reuse, e.g., from server-side JVM and client-side JavaScript.

Join us to welcome the new world of reusable code. Eugene explains, how Kotlin allows us to reuse code between platforms. Kotlin will not help you to use your JVM library from JavaScript of vice versa. We will do live-coding and go through several examples. One need multiplatform libraries too, we cover the topic and share and use some production-ready multiplatform libraries for the demo application we create.

You’ll learn about Kotlin multiplatform programming basics and understand how you can benefit from multiplatform Kotlin in your daily projects.