• Kotlin 1st Ahm meet & great!

    1306, Sailfin Technologies Pvt Ltd.

    Come out for the first Kotlin Ahmedabad meetup! Looking for speakers. If you are interested in speaking at a future Kotlin meetup, please contact one of the organizers (Siraj, Smit, or Prakash). Attendance is limited. There are only 80 spots available. Be sure to RSVP! What should you expect? We will be hosting Kotlin Ahmedabad meetups once every month. We will have series of the session to cover-up Kotlin from basic to advance level. And, yes, there will be ☕️ and 🍕. Agenda *Introduction to Kotlin *Why Kotlin? (Why should you get out of your Java zone?) *Kotlin Basic Terminologies *Null Safety (Because No NPE in Kotlin, Yippee!!) *Comparison to Java and swift *Basic Syntax *Demo Section Who should join? • Anyone who is enthuiste to learn modern programing language. • Android developers who want to learn & adtop Kotlin as programming language for developing Android Mobile Applications. • Fun for Swift developer, YES if you know Swift programming then you have already know some of the concept, syntax, approaches for Kotlin programming language.