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More Kotlin! Special Event in collaboration with JetBrains!

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Alexandre G.


We're super excited to host Andrey Akinshin, a senior software developer from JetBrains!

We are honoured to be hosted by! Houzz is located at the 32nd floor of the Square tower of Azrieli. You'll need an ID card or driving license to enter the building.

Both talks will be presented in English.

18:30: Drinks, snacks, & mingling

19:00 - 19:40 - Idiomatic Kotlin by Andrey Akinshin (JetBrains)

Kotlin has many useful features that can help you to express your ideas in a short and well-understandable form. In this talk, we are going to discuss some of the Kotlin best practices, how to use IntelliJ IDEA features to simplify your code, and how to write own Kotlin-based domain-specific languages.

19:50 - 20:30 - Kotlin Multiplatform - A Practical Example by Alexander Gherschon

In today’s world, a lot of solutions exist for cross platform development. And still, the makers of the Kotlin language are actively working on their own solution. We’ll have a look at what is Kotlin Multiplatform through a real world example of a full stack app.

Menachem Begin 132 Azrieli Center, Square Building, Floor 32 · Tel Aviv-Yafo, al
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