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Krafty Kombucha is a place for expert, professional, novice, and potential kombucha brewers/drinkers to taste, share, discuss, and gather together.

We are hoping to attract a group of people who either brew, like to drink, or are curious about kombucha. Once enough people join this group, we will plan some gatherings in which we taste each other’s kombucha (home brewed or store-bought), share information/cultures, and learn from each other.

I have been brewing kombucha for the past few years, and I am constantly striving to optimize my process, submit my cultures for analysis, and enhance the health benefits and delicious flavors of my kombuchas. Recently, I have been on a mission to make people who claim not to like kombucha drool uncontrollably. 🤤

Whether you are trying to figure out how to develop the best symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast for your kombucha tea, striving to determine what exact blend of teas are in the ideal diet for your kombucha culture, hoping to figure out the best way to infuse strawberries into your brew, looking to get/give a SCOBY/starter tea, or wondering “what exactly is this kombucha thing that existed for thousands of years and is suddenly a major health food craze???”; join Krafty Kombucha and meet with others like you! 😃

Disclaimer: Information and kombucha teas shared at these gatherings will be consumed at your own discretion.

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