Meet.cljc KRK March [#6]

Kraków Clojurians
Kraków Clojurians
Public group

Artefakt Cafe

Dajwór 3 · Kraków

How to find us

Ground floor. Just swing right as you walk in.

Location image of event venue


Tuesday, March 3, 2020. 7pm.

Artefakt Cafe
Dajwór 3,[masked] Kraków

Location (Ground Floor)
[look] You are at Artefakt Cafe entrance
[look forward] You see an inviting bar up ahead.
[turn right] You see fellow Clojurians milling around parens.

1. Ewa Trzemżalska — Discovering Clojure: The Newbie Perspective
2. Norbert Wójtowicz — Data over Code

Blitz Talks (Have something to say, but not a full-length talk? Blitz talk!):
* Andrzej Fricze — I was sure we’re doomed, but (((maybe))) we’re not!

Lightning Talks:
* Don't say no just yet; come with your ideas and we'll provide the drinks and courage.

* Round-table discussion of ClojureD conference.

Talks will be in English. The Clojure community is small as it is in Poland and we would like to provide an opportunity for non-polish speakers living in Kraków to attend more tech meetups. This is also a great opportunity for everyone to practice and level-up their language and presentation skills with a small, informal, and welcoming group of people.

We'll have access to a projector (HDMI), microphone, and plenty of time to share some beers (lots of good ones on tap) or other refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. Just don't expect to find an open kitchen, so grab some dinner beforehand.

If you would like to give a talk at an upcoming event, have any questions, comments, concerns or just want to say hi, emails us at: [masked]