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ScalaCamp #7

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Dominika B. and Rafal P.


We would like to invite everyone to #7 ScalaCamp meetup. This time the topics will be all around Slick as in august there's been a fresh Slick 2.1.0 released.

Slick is a modern database query and access library for Scala. It allows you to work with stored data almost as if you were using Scala collections while at the same time giving you full control over when a database access happens and which data is transferred. Check out more here: Slick (


Stefan Zeiger is the tech lead for Slick. He joined Typesafe in 2011 after developing ScalaQuery, the predecessor to Slick, in order to work on the new project full-time. He has been a user of Java and the JVM platform professionally since 1996, working on a diverse range of projects from web servers to GUI frameworks and programming language design, and moving on from Java to Scala since 2008.

Jerzy Müller - Former Java Programmer but since 2011 he is exploring Scala world at VirtusLab and all what is connected with functional programming.

Krzysztof Romanowski - Scala Developer at VirtusLab, passionate about debugging staff and quite a good biker too.


Stefan Zeiger - Intro to Slick 2.1 and a whiff of features in Slick 2.2

In this we will have an introduction to Slick concepts with focus on 2.1 release. We will also hear about one of the two major features for Slick 2.2. - new nested options & outer join improvements and more.

Jerzy Müller - Unicorn ( a type-safe IDS library

Unicorn open-source library adds tools to use type-safe IDs for your classes so you can no longer join on bad id field or mess up order of fields in mappings. It also provides a way to create service layer with methods (like querying all, querying by id, saving or deleting) for all classes with such IDs in just 4 lines of code.Idea for type-safe ids was derived from Slick creator's presentation on ScalaDays 2013 (

This library is used in Advanced play-slick Typesafe Activator template ( and is open-sourced on VirtusLab github account (

Krzysztof Romanowski - Beholder ( - database views

The presentation will be about Beholder - Play-Slick library for data aggregation (database views) and visualization (searchable, orderable views for Play! framework). Beholder: 600 written and 2k generated lines of code, few afternoons and all based on orginal production code. I want to show that creation of small, useful library (or even mini-library) is easy and fun with Slick and Play! framework. Slick: fun side of SQL integration.

This library is also open-sourced on VirtusLab github account (

More details on Scalacamp website (!


This meetup is sponsored by Typesafe ( and VirtusLab (

Bulwar Kurlandzki, Przy Kładce Bernatka · Kraków
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