Trait-based web services with Scala.js and Udash

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Hello folks! We have two great speakers straight from the AVSystem who wants to share with us their experiences with Scala.js and their own web framework Udash as also co-sponsor our next meetup.

Talk #1: "Scala.js on production: towards Udash 1.0" by Dawid Dworak

Scala.js ( enabled frontend application development using Scala, providing both a familiar feeling of typesafe development and more sane runtime semantics to the - often dreaded by Scala developers - client-side.
Udash ( is an open-source Scala framework we have developed and have been successfully using on production at AVSystem for over 3 years. It’s the Swiss Army Knife for Scala.js development, with utilities such as reactive data bindings or typesafe RPCs - all built in pure Scala.
In this talk, you will see real-life examples of full-stack web applications built with Udash and learn the features of the ecosystem and the framework. You will also learn about the issues we have run into and the ongoing developments as we’re approaching the first public stable release.

Dawid is a software developer with 4 years of professional Scala experience. The believer in multi-paradigm languages designed to express ideas in an elegant and type-safe way. Keen open-source contributor, Udash Framework maintainer. Currently leading a team focused on monitoring engine development, previously worked on a large-scale device and IoT management at AVSystem and mobile location at Google.

Talk #2: "Building trait-based web services with Udash REST" by Roman Janusz

Udash REST lets you define REST endpoints with plain Scala traits, customized with annotations.

On the surface, this looks very similar to already well-established solutions from Java world, e.g. JAX-RS. However, we think that when redone in Scala most of its Java downsides can be avoided, primarily thanks to type classes and macro-based compile-time reflection instead of runtime reflection. The presentation will describe how Udash REST strives for type safety and seamless developer experience.

I'm a Scala enthusiast interested mostly in type systems, metaprogramming, functional programming and distributed systems. I've been writing and teaching Scala at AVSystem for about 5 years now. I've also done some open source work: silencer plugin for scalac, HOCON plugin for IntelliJ and our own company's open source projects, Udash Framework among them.

AVSystem is co-sponsor of the March meetup
VirtusLab is the founding sponsor of Kraków Scala User Group.