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We want to bring all JS pros from Krakow together - learning, networking, chilling out.

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meet.js KRK [with Oanda]

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meet.js with OANDA is back and it is once again being offered as a hybrid event. We’ll host a traditional meeting in the OANDA office (Zabłocie 43B) and the event will also be streamed live on our meet.js YouTube channel.

Join us for great presentations, inspiring guests, snacks, and beer. Our host, OANDA, is also providing special welcome packs for those able to attend the event in our offices and there will be online contests for everyone, whether you attend virtually or in-person.

If you would like to join in person, please register HERE.
For online streaming session, join our YouTube channel.

🚩 Timetable
18:00 – registration
18:30 – presentations

🚩 Agenda

➡️ Bartosz Jakubowiak, Joe McKevitt – Don’t let your customers do your application performance testing for you
Joe McKevitt and Bartosz Jakubowiak will talk about the importance of performance testing in the fintech industry during their time together developing a trading application.
By the time they are done you'll understand why it is crucial to test your apps, have a basic toolset and see the practice of performance troubleshooting in action.

➡️ Mariusz Bełtowski – Node.js in depth
Have you ever wondered how the node.js handles asynchronous programming within a single thread?

Is node.js single threaded at all?

From this presentation you will find out:
- How the node.js communicate with the operating system.
- How an asynchronous concept works from the inside out.
- How does node.js handle 10k concurrent requests, and how to attack such a server?
- Bad practices.

➡️ Monika Kołodziejczyk – How MUI & Storybook can make your life easier
Have you heard of the Material Design and Material UI components library and Storybook? - I bet so! :) During this presentation, I'm going to tell you a little bit about the upsides of these tools, how they work with Material UI can be optimized by using the theme object, and how Storybook can smoothen cooperation between Developers inside the growing team and designers as well.

🚩 Speakers

Bartosz Jakubowiak, Engineering Manager at OANDA
Linkedin profile
Bartosz is a Team Lead with the Trading Platform Team and is responsible for ensuring the day-to-day work on that team is well defined and there are no roadblocks slowing their progress during product development. When time allows, he likes to engage in code reviews and company-wide architectural discussions.

Joe McKevitt, Principal Software Engineer at OANDA
Linkedin profile
Joe has over 17 years’ experience in building and scaling high-performing products and teams. He is a passionate technologist and developer who also loves coaching people and teams to fulfil their potential and creating cultures of innovation and continuous improvement.

Mariusz Bełtowski, CTO at Closer
Linkedin profile

Mariusz started his first programming projects when he was just 14 years old. His passion quickly turned into a profession as he started first as a software engineer then became a team lead and finally entered an engineering manager position. Currently, he is the CTO at Closer, connecting the world of business with the world of technology. Closer primarily focuses on the optimization of software development and product shaping processes. Mariusz is an enthusiast of the KISS principle and the attitude that anything is possible.

🚩 Sponsor

OANDA is a global leader in online multi-asset trading services, currency data, corporate payments and FX services.
At our core, we are technology-based and driven by innovation. We were the first company to share free exchange rate information and, in 2001, our trading platform helped pioneer the development of online-based trading around the world, enabling forex and CFD investors to trade the financial markets.
Our vision, then and now, is to transform how our clients can meet all their currency needs by providing innovative and award-winning solutions. We are in a moment of growing the business on the global stage and we’re looking for highly motivated, passionate individuals who want to make their mark in a dynamic environment.

meet.js KRK [with Tidio]

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Once again! Free pizza, beer, great presentations, and all your JS folks in one place. In cooperation with Tidio, once again we bring you the best meetups in town.

Whether you're a senior developer, JavaScript intern, or you're just dabbling with web apps in your free time, this meetup is the best way to meet people, share and gather new knowledge.

What's more, there's a contest with great awards prepared for participants of this event! 🔥🔥🔥

Call your mom, tell your dog, take all your friends and see you soon!


📌 17:30 - 18:00 – Registration
📌 18:00 - 18:15 – Intro & news
📌 18:15 – Presentations
📌 Rest of the evening – chill, beer, chat with friends

📌 Jędrzej Meder – Przeprowadzka w webie, czyli technicznie o stronie firmowej w drodze do unicorna
Strona jest wizytówką firmy, która powinna ewoluować wraz z rozwojem organizacji. W przeciwnym razie rozwiązania, które dotychczas wydawały się trafione, mogą stać się dla nas prawdziwym utrapieniem… O przejściu z WordPress na Next.js - czyli case study pełne wzlotów i upadków podczas migracji strony głównej Tidio.

Jędrzej Meder doświadczony Frontend Developer i Growth Hacker w jednym. W Tidio odpowiada za tworzenie wysokiej jakości landing page’y oraz zarządzanie i ciągłe doskonalenie strony głównej.
Uwielbia rywalizację i jest niewyczerpanym źródłem nowych pomysłów. Od lat tworzy strony internetowe, ze szczególnym naciskiem na konwersję, SEO i performance. Na bazie swoich doświadczeń, opowie co zmotywowało jego zespół do przejścia z WordPress na Next.js i z jakimi wyzwaniami musiał się zmierzyć.

🚩 Sponsor:

We are Tidio – a digital product company originating from Poland and one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe 🚀
Our flagship product is a live-chat app powered by unique chatbot solutions 🤖 As a customer experience tool, we help micro & small businesses worldwide serve their clients efficiently.
We aim to develop as an organization constantly, in 2021, we were awarded a prestigious Great Place To Work certificate 🏆

Working at Tidio means having an impact on thousands of companies and millions of their users. But our clients are not the only ones who can grow with us. By joining Tidio, you can grow, too! 🙌

A few facts about us:

  • Every month, our widget is viewed by 510 million unique users, which is 6.2% of the global population 🌎
  • Our product is in the TOP 5 most popular live chat solutions in the world, and our goal is to become no. 1 😎
  • Currently, we hire over 130 fantastic people, and we plan to grow the team even bigger in the next months 😊
  • We manage a data warehouse of 5TB, and it is still growing! 💪

Where to find us?
As a digital-first company, we work 100% remotely, but if you prefer to work in the office, you can visit one of our locations in Szczecin or Warsaw or use a coworking space in your city.

Want to know more?
👉 Visit the Tidio career website: https://bit.ly/3y96uV0
👉 Watch the #GrowWithTidio video: https://bit.ly/3F4NNDg

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