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We're pleased to invite all great Front-end developers from Kraków once again.

Parking and location: Tesco's parking across the street is free after 6pm and should have many vacant spots. Nearest tram stop is: Kobierzyńska (right across the street). Your ID will be required to enter the building. Please come to the left reception desk, security will have the list of attendees.


- 18:00 - 18:30 - registration

- 18:30 - 18:35 - intro

- 18:35 - 18:45 - news

- Rene Pot - Titanium and the MVC framework Alloy

- Rafał Rumanek - From 160 to 800 MB of RAM usage in 5 minutes. A story of plugging memory leaks.
'Recently your app has slowed down, are you working on a solution?' 'Using X straight for several hours is no longer possible, the panel slows down and it eventually crashes...' Having a well performing app is a crucial part of creating successful product - it might not be a key differentiator among other products, but it might be a reason for your users to leave you. When speaking about performance, we usually tend to focus on how fast we get into interactive mode. What happens then? What if your average user spends hours, days or even weeks without reloading your SPA? I'd like to share a story of how we came to the point we managed to piss off our customers due to having a downgrading performance over time, how we identified our problems, created regression tests checking for memory leaks in different scenarios and, finally, fixed those problems. And also how a random update to 3rd party tool can literally destroy experience of your users :)
Business-driven software engineer with deep passion for frontend working @ Codewise. Event organizer & host for Angular Dragons meetups. Impatient user of the web. Golden retrievers lover. Poor jokes & meme-o-logy Ph. D.

- lightning talks + networking

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