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The next meet.js is coming!

and what a meet it's gonna be! Great presentations, splendid guests, free beer! Take your friends, grab a beer and sit tight. You'll have a lot to listen to and talk about.

Whether you're senior developer, JavaScript intern, or you're just dabbling with web apps in your free time, this meetup is the best way to meet people, share and gather new knowledge.

See you soon!



📌 17:30 - 18:00 Registration
📌 18:00 - 18:15 - intro & news


📌Łukasz Bandzarewicz - Continuous Delivery dla aplikacji mobilnych [PL]
Przedstawię rozwiązania kilku problemów, z którymi na co dzień zmagają się programiści aplikacji mobilnych - błędy w trakcie budowania, podpisywania kodu, manualne uploadowanie binarek do sklepów i zarządzanie testowymi buildami aplikacji.
Zaprezentuję jak za pomocą narzędzia fastlane można zautomatyzować większość żmudnych zadań. Na przykładzie CircleCI pokażę jak można skonfigurować continuous integration do budowania aplikacji na obie platformy - iOS i Android. Przedstawię również przykładowy workflow, który pozwala na wygodne udostępnianie testowych buildów testerom i releasowanie dobrze sprawdzonych wersji produkcyjnych.

📌Łukasz Ostrowski - Refactoring React Components [EN]
Every application gets heavy and dirty with time. Our weapon to fight with the bad code is refactoring. On this talk, I will go through the common problems specific to React apps and give you tips on how to make code shorter, cleaner and easier to maintain.

📌Tomek Czajęcki - Universal React apps are here: meet Expo for Web [EN]
React has come a long way as a framework for writing scalable, complex web application and in most recent years has conquered also mobile applications.
Mobile and web development with React happens within two separate frameworks, but now we have a way to close this gap.
You will hear a story of React, React Native, React Native for Web and what role Expo plays in here.
Then it will be only up to you if or when you will start writing high-performance web and mobile applications sharing one codebase. Something unimaginable 10 years ago.

📌Lightning talks

📌Beer and chat time


🚩 Sponsor:
🙌Huge thanks to the sponsor Houst, who provides space for the meetup, drinks, and snacks. 🙌

Ever considered hosting on Airbnb? It can open a world of opportunity. More time, more money, more freedom. But it’s not easy - sourcing, managing and dealing with a constant changeover of tenants can be tricky. That’s why here at Houst we’re using tech to revolutionise hosting. From powerful host dashboards to industry-leading housekeeping apps, technology drives everything we do.

We’re working on ambitious challenges which no one’s solved before. It won’t be easy, but that’s not why you’re here. You want to make a real impact, shape a business, and have fun doing it. So join us. Together, we’ll define great hosting.

🚩 Please notice that we implemented a new policy about registration and participating in the meetup. The system is straightforward - we overbook, and we have the rule of "first come first serve." This policy was implemented because many of those who marked the "attend" option didn't appear and blocked the sits.