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"Empowering, cool techniques and amazing Instructor - the best of Krav Maga in the area, I've trained all over!" This is a group dedicated to learning and practicing Krav Maga and Self-Defense techniques in a realistic, safe and fun environment that can prepare you for ALL kinds of threats and violent encounters. Fitness with Purpose! Techniques taught come from 7th Dan Black Belt, Martial Arts Masters Hall of Famer and Owner of Alpha Krav Maga International (AKMI), Sam Sade. Classes are led your Chief Instructor for the official Northern Virginia and DC Metro region affiliate of AKMI, Dave Gerber. Dave is a life-long educator, a certified Black Belt Intructor and the Leadership Program Director for all of Alpha Krav Maga International. www.akminvadc.com to learn more...let's meetup and do this!

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Chokes and Bearhug Defenses!

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