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I am an intuitive reader. This group is to interact with the community by connecting, sharing information, and sharing events for group readings and intuition development circles.

I believe you are reading this for a reason. You may be curious about intuition or you may have grown up with an experience with the metaphysical. You might be experiencing an awakening now. Join the Meetup group and see how these events perk your interest. I look forward to connecting with you.

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Virtual Meditation Office Hours

La Puente


***please register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/110237802234*** med·i·ta·tion /ˌmedəˈtāSH(ə)n/ noun 1. the action or practice of meditating. "a life of meditation" Synonyms: contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, prayer, deliberation, study, rumination, cogitation, brooding, mulling over, reverie, brown study, concentration, speculation, cerebration 2. a written or spoken discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject. plural noun: meditations "his later letters are intense meditations on man's exploitation of his fellows" The above is from Dictionary.com As a spiritual practitioner, meditation is the foundation of my practice. Meditation is how I connect with guides and divine emissaries to facilitate sessions. When I began my meditation practice, it changed my life. I mean that with all the weight it sounds like it carries. I was unhappy and unsatisfied with many aspects of my life including my career, my relationships, and myself. I was depleted and feeling physically sick from all of the negativity in my life. Meditation shifted my perspective to move from seeing myself as a victim to seeing everything as an opportunity. People often ask for guidance on how to meditate. The first thing I say is to throw out the door any preconceived notions you have about meditation. With all of my work, I want to first set the foundation that everything looks different for everyone. It is our journey to find what works best for us. This includes meditation. One person’s goal through meditation may be different from the next person. One person’s journey through mediation may be different from the next person. Our meditation journey and goals are fluid. Agenda: Meditative posture Intention Breathing Meditation tools Journaling Guided meditation Open forum for Q&A You will leave class with a better understanding of meditation and everything you need to start a sustainable practice. What to expect: This class is conducted over Zoom. All registrants will receive a link to the broadcast of the event within 48 hours of the event. Attendees do not need to turn on their cameras or use the Zoom app to participate. Attendees may participate by phone by using the Zoom dial in. Zoom link will be sent upon completed registration. The meeting will be opened 10 minutes before the start time to allow people to join so we may begin on time. We will begin with a guided meditation to get everyone relaxed and ready for class. How to prepare: Bring a pen and journal, or something to write with Be in a quiet, comfortable environment. Bring water or tea. Have an open heart and open mind. Krisell is a spiritual practitioner offering intuition development mentoring, intuitive/psychic readings, mediumship readings, tarot and oracle card readings, reiki, meditation coaching, and Akashic Records readings based out of Los Angeles, CA. She began developing her psychic senses with a trickle of spiritual connection seeing black shadows with no insight to their meaning. She's trained with Hillary Michaels of the Los Angeles School for Spiritual Arts, Meika Cooper of Happy Medium, Tricia Carr of Charmed Life with Tricia Carr, Crystal Anne Compton of the Lightworkers Lab, Lauren Antuofermo of Soulful Transformations, and Victoria Vives Khoung of EarthSky People. She now experiences an orchestrated effort through all of her clair/psychic senses to bring forth guidance with depth, evidence, and a path for healing. Krisell finds purpose in helping people connect to their intuition with empowerment and realizing their healedness. www.krisellcan.com Instagram @krisellcan.medium Facebook www.facebook.com/krisellcan Meetup www.meetup.com/krisellcan

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Virtual Meditation Office Hours

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