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Everyone's welcome, please see below for details, $5 Love Offering requested

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Welcome and have an intense practice session with Hamsa Charya Tim Link. Burn karma, eliminate suffering, restore body mind soul. Practice will be on the first floor just inside the entrance at 7PM. Please use on-street parking, as on-site parking is reserved for ADA and residents' access. Newcomers and recent initiates are encouraged to join for community, practice, and answering any questions you may have. $5 Love Offering requested to cover rent.

1. Connecting with the Divine (Omming with Earth peace mudra)

2. Connecting with the Satrguru (Omming forming a Golden or Rainbow bridge connection with Guru disciple mudra)

3. Invoking the spiritual fire of Kundalini and Protection from Babaji (chanting Om Rhing Rhang Raksha Raksha Goraksha 30 times)

4. Omkar Kriya - Experiencing triple divine qualities of light(color), sound and vibration on each chakra to efface karma and balance chakras (3 rounds)

5. Shiva Shakti Kriya Pranayam - Evolving and burning Karma (18 minutes)

6. Mahamudra - Grounding and massaging the energy evenly through out our being (3 rounds)

7. Paravasta - Enjoying the bliss of meditation (5 minutes)

Kriya Yoga is the same as given by Babaji and mentioned in the "Autobiography of a Yogi"

The evening will include review for new initiates, announcements and fellowship for all attendees, and a short meeting for Hamsa Charyas. Look for future full-moon Earth-Peace / Golden Lotus Meditation events for all like-minded souls, plus periodic intensive workshops with Kriya and Hamsa Charyas.