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Practice & Chat - Sunday Language Meetup
Hi all, Welcome to our bi-weekly language practice & chat MeetUp! Our aim is to provide you the opportunity to practice speaking your target language. All levels are welcome here! We'll be using "guided conversation" method and the topic will be posted in the comment section. We use the format stated below. 3:00PM - Arrive/Greet 3:15PM - Split into respective tables (Malay, English, Mandarin) 4:45PM - Free session (Games, Q&A, help with homework etc.) 5:30PM - End No fee is charged, but you're encouraged to buy drink from establishment as courtesy. Looking forward to meet all of you 😄 - Amir

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Hello! Apa khabar! 你好 (nǐ hǎo)!

As you've probably noticed if you've travelled to or, even more so, are living in Kuala Lumpur, KL is a very diverse and multi-lingual city. In fact, more generally, Malaysia contains speakers of 137 living languages!

On any given day in KL, you'll encounter people who are native speakers of Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English (there are of course also many other Malaysian dialects, many other Chinese dialects, Hindi, Tamil... the list goes on and on. But for this group, we are limiting ourselves to Malay, Mandarin, and English).

We have created this group to allow those interested in learning these languages to get together, practice, and support each other in learning. Practice, practice, practice! That is the only way to get better.

Hope to see you at our next meetup!

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