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Assalamu Alikum. Are you Muslim? Know a Muslim? Want to understand Islam better? The Ummah is one of the most important parts of Islam and its history. Brothers and sisters looking out for each other and loving each other for the sake of Allah (Fisabi Allah), seeing each other as equals, helping each other, and understanding that we each need to strive to do better in our lives so that we can prepare ourselves to meet Allah SWT in the hopes of gaining Jannah. In this group we will look at Islam in today's world and society and discuss what we can do as Muslims to make things better. By coming together, discussing and sharing ideas, and doing our best to understand Islam and to be better Muslims. There is no nationalism in this group, everyone is welcome no matter if you're Muslim or not, it doesn't matter what country you're from or what language you speak. Come and join us and be part of something to help the world be a better place. We will discover many topics such as how to conduct business in a halal manner, fiqh, etiquette, prayer, charity, hadith, education, learning Qur'an, learning Arabic, and In Sha Allah I also hope we can establish some small cooking classes as well. Please feel free to bring your children if you would like, I have a 4 year old son myself that you will see a lot of. Once you join the group please introduce yourself in the area to do so. If you would like to start a discussion it's fine, just message me and we will make it happen. May Allah SWT bless this group and lead us on a path where we are able to seek and aquire knowledge together. Ameen

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