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• FREE SEMINAR • Every Saturday 5pm • Kuala Lumpur Meditation
Through this meditation you can look back on your self and throw away the false, negative, stressful mind to find the original true mind which is clear, happy, free and peaceful. We are pleased to announce that this year, a new, easier and faster meditation method is introduced for the benefit of everyone. Come and visit Kuala Lumpur Meditation Centre to register now to start this incredible meditation that will change your life and Find Your True Self. These amazing things will happen to you when you meditate: 1. Your face immediately becomes bright 2. You become the most beautiful in your own style 3. Your illnesses disappears 4. Your mind clutter disappears 5. You become successful and 10x more efficient 6. Your exhaustion disappears 7. You are comfortable and happy always 8. You become confident in anything that you do 9. You live a long life without illnessess 10. You achieve human completion and live forever Who wouldn't do this right? The most important thing for human is for oneself to be eternally alive. Human is incomplete because human does not live in the world which is Truth and lives in his own mind world which is overlapped over the world. In the world of incompletion, people and all things in the universe will disappear. Eliminate the mind world which is a picture and the countless thoughts that human has and if one returns to the place that existed before the world appeared, then human, which is incomplete, can become complete. Meditation is throwing away one's false self. When one is reborn from the Universe, which is Truth of completion, one will be able to live to the age of the Universe. One can know all the principles of the world and one can become a saint. The reason this is causing a sensation is because all anyone has to do is discard his false self in order to become complete; that is why it is causing a worldwide sensation. Last year already 5,000 people have become Truth; eternally they will not die and they know all the principles of the world, so is there anyone who would not do this study? Notice: This meetup event only includes a free introductory seminar. If you want to practice our meditation method, you are welcome to register and join our membership to enjoy unlimited meditation sessions with full guidance at the centre that is open everyday for you! If you want to ask more, please contact us. Contact :[masked] Website : Email : [masked] How To Find Us : Kuala Lumpur Meditation Centre is located in Vista Damai Condominium, 5 mins walk from Ampang Park LRT Station and right next to the Intermark and Hong Leong Bank building. Call us at [masked] if you have any problem finding us! Facebook: Instagram: kualalumpur_meditation

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"What is the mind?", Historically, one of the biggest obstacles in overcoming problems in life and reaching enlightenment was the fact that the mind could not be precisely defined.

This prevented people from discovering who they Truly are. Our Meditation defines the human mind as an accumulation of pictures, stored within one’s body and mind. These pictures are an accumulation of past experiences which are taken through the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body. The pictures mold us into our pattern of thinking, how we react, and habitual behavior that are not who we truly are. These pictures stored in the mind hold the emotions, thoughts and attachments to people, places and things. They create the individual’s picture world. As you practice our Meditation, you will realize the mind that was filled with pictures from the past is being cleansed, eliminating all burdens. You will live in freedom.

Now, you are able to know and become Truth, whereas previously you could only read and hear about Truth. You will know the answers to the basic questions in life.

You will discover all the answers to these questions as true wisdom enters into your mind by cleansing the false mind. This involves a guided simple step-by-step method that anyone can easily follow.

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