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Meet other developers and users of Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for containers. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively manages workloads to ensure that their state matches the users declared intentions. Kubernetes can run almost anywhere, including Google Compute Engine, Vagrant, CoreOS, Azure, vSphere, RackSpace, etc. Learn more about Kubernetes at http://kubernetes.io

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Kubernetes Atlanta January Meetup

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This is a virtual meetup.

7:00 - General announcements and news

7:10 - Secure Supply Chain, Tekton Chains - Parth Patel, engineer @ BoxBoat

Supply chain attacks have become predominant in the past few years and companies are scrambling to secure their software supply chain. Trying to understand and overcome this problem is no easy feat.

Various tools and cloud native solutions have stepped up to help ease the integration of security practices based on SLSA (Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts) security levels. Tekton, a cloud native solution for building CI/CD systems, is one of these tools that has a lot to offer. With the addition of Tekton Chains, companies are empowered to shift security left and create DevSecOps pipelines to improve the security of their build and release process.

Learn more about Tekton Chains and how it can be used with Tekton Pipelines (CI/CD) to create signed provenance! In this presentation we will walk through initial setup, configuration and how to verify the final provenance.

Parth Patel is a DevOps engineer at BoxBoat an IBM Company. Contributor to various secure supply chain projects such as Tekton Chains and in-toto-golang. In his free time, Parth likes to travel and fly FPV drones.

~ 7:55 - Managing Kubernetes workloads and clusters with Kyverno - Jim Bugwadia, CEO @ Nirmata

Handling workloads and clusters in Kubernetes can be very tricky and challenging. That is why Kyverno offers a solution to these configuration channels via policies and shares. Kyverno, a CNCF project, is a popular policy engine designed for Kubernetes. It provides an easy way to validate settings, generates defaults and mutates resources, using policies. In addition, Kyverno can easily check your existing cluster configurations against a set of customizable rules, and help you move towards enforcing best practices for security, isolation, and resiliency across clusters. This allows DevOps teams to use familiar tools such as kubectl, git, and kustomize to manage policies. In this session,

Jim is a founder and the CEO at Nirmata. Jim has been building large-scale distributed software systems for over two decades. Jim launched his career developing C++ software at Motorola for cellular network infrastructure, where his team launched the world's first CDMA network. Since then Jim has held several developer, architect, and leadership roles at companies like Bell Labs, Cisco, Trapeze Networks, and Pano Logic. In 2013 Jim founded Nirmata, a startup focused on solving enterprise DevOps pain points, by providing multi-cloud management of cloud-native workloads.


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