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This is a group for anyone interested in Kubernetes, containers (Docker, rkt, "you name it") - Cloud Native Computing in general. Either hosting or developing Cloud Native app this is group for you.

Idea is to share experience from battleground and expand horizons with people willing to learn.

If you want to be a speaker or help with Meetup fill in this form, https://goo.gl/forms/e8VDMnJzTf2wXi4Q2

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(ONLINE) Kubernetes and Cloud Native Meetup #5 (ONLINE)

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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce our new ONLINE Meetup and our respected speakers Denis Jannot, Solo.io and Jürgen Etzlstorfer, Dynatrace! Zoom meeting details: - link available after you RSVP (!!) - passcode to join meeting: kFf2cL Speaker and presentation details as follows: ** 1) Denis Jannot, Director of Field Engineering at Solo.io **TITLE: The challenges of exposing and connecting microservices **ABSTRACT: In this presentation, I'll cover the common challenges people are facing when they expose and connect micro services. I'll review the different options to expose services running on Kubernetes (Ingress vs API gateway) and to manage service to service communications (API gateway vs Service Mesh). I'll also discuss the additional complexity introduced when services are spread across multiple environments (multiple Kubernetes clusters, Service Meshes, ...). Finally, I'll introduce several Open Source projects (Gloo, Service Mesh Hub, Web Assembly, ...) we are working on at Solo.io to tackle these challenges. **BIO: Denis is the Director of Field Engineering at Solo.io, a company building application networking solutions for the edge and service mesh. Denis is a passionate engineer who has spent his career in technical roles working directly with customers and users in architecting and adopting technologies like Object Storage, Big Data, Containerization, Service Mesh into their infrastructure. He enjoys sharing what he learns with the community and can be found creating demos, writing blogs, and speaking at events. ** 2) Jürgen Etzlstorfer, Technology Strategist at Dynatrace **TITLE: Overcoming (organizational) scalability issues in your Prometheus ecosystem **ABSTRACT: Prometheus is considered a foundational building block when running applications on Kubernetes and has become the de-facto open-source standard for visibility and monitoring in Kubernetes environments. Your first starting points when operating Prometheus are most probably configuring scraping to pull your metrics from your services, building dashboards on top of your data with Grafana, or defining alerts for important metrics breaching thresholds in your production environment. in your production environment. As soon as you are comfortable with Prometheus as your weapon of choice, your next challenges will be scaling and managing Prometheus for your whole fleet of applications and environments. As the journey “From Zero to Prometheus Hero” is not trivial you will find obstacles on the way. In this presentation, we are highlighting the most common challenges we have seen and provide guidance on how to overcome them. Finally, we are discussing a solution to get you there more quickly to build automated, future-proof observability with Prometheus showing Keptn as one possible implementation. **BIO: Jürgen has been a core contributor to the Keptn open-source project and responsible for the strategy and integration of self-healing techniques and tools into the Keptn framework. He also loves to share his experience, most recently at conferences on Kubernetes based technologies and automation.

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