Kubernetes Edinburgh January 2020


Welcome to the first Kubernetes Edinburgh Meetup of 2020! We're kicking the New Year off with a couple of talks that should appeal to folks wanting to get started with Kubernetes as well as more advanced users:

6:30pm - Food and drink, sponsored by MSB
6:55pm - Welcome
7:00pm - Introducing MSB - the next-gen training platform for Kubernetes (Nigel Poulton, MSB)
7:45pm - Break
8:00pm - Kubernetes Scalability: Federation & Cluster API (Katie Gamanji, Condé Nast International)
8:45pm - Wrap up, pub

· Introducing MSB - a next-gen training platform where engineers learn by doing, on real infrastructure (Nigel Poulton, MSB)

Abstract TBC

· Kubernetes Scalability: Federation & Cluster API (Katie Gamanji, Condé Nast International)

In the past years, Kubernetes has been the nucleus of container orchestration frameworks. With the growing number of microservices in a cluster, scalability is one of the core pillars for a fault-tolerant application. Additionally, from a technological landscape standpoint, the cloud platform teams are highly focused on delivering scalable, reliable and highly available platforms. Scalability on the Kubernetes clusters can be approached on the application level and cluster level. While the application level scaling techniques (e.g. HPA and VPA) are widely used, Federation v2 and Cluster API are emerging tools that still prove their worth in a production setup. During this talk you will learn some techniques to approach scalability on a Kubernetes centric infrastructure. Attendees will leave with an understanding of Federation v2 and Cluster API composition, and scenarios where these tools can be utilised.