Q2 Meetup 2019: K8s and Cloud Native Toronto

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Spring is here with some good weather and even better speakers.
This meetup will be jammed packed with good content.

Thanks to Flybits for making this possible by hosting us for the first time with food and drinks!




Ray Kao, Microsoft

Details coming soon.


Our Journey to Service 5 Million Messaging Connections on Kubernetes: Bose
David Doyle, Connected.io

We propose to present a case study on how we built a high-scale messaging service and state store on Kubernetes. The solution supports millions of persistent, concurrent connections; enables tens of thousands of messages per second; is globally addressable; stores millions of states; and responds with minimal latency (<250ms). To evaluate build approaches, the team split into Makers & Breakers. Makers developed the solution stack while Breakers focused on repurposing Locust, a high-scale load testing framework, to simulate behavior. Leveraging the flexibility of Kubernetes, we were able to scale the stack and solve blockers on the path to a viable solution. Blockers included ingress, file descriptors, service discovery and resource limits. The experience was deeply educational, generating key learnings for developers tasked with building a scaled solution on top of Kubernetes. "

Observable Kubernetes
Artem Pogossian, Elastic

"Kubernetes is becoming increasingly popular. While Kubernetes can dramatically simplify the task of application deployment in containers, it also adds new set of complexity for the day-to-day tasks of managing application performance, gaining visibility into services. In the dynamic world of microservices, containers and Kubernetes, traditional monitoring solutions is no longer sufficient to provide needed visibilities to maintain healthy and happy environments and applications. Instead, we need insights from all three pillars of observability: logging, metrics and tracing. In this talk, we will discuss:

Three pillars of observability
Popular solutions for Kubernetes:
- Logging
- Monitoring
Power of auto-discovery