What we're about

No slides. No fluff. Only code.

This is a meetup for full-stack Java/Python/Go developers and architects who want to better understand how can they design and implement distributed services in the era of Kubernetes and Cloud Native frameworks

Up until now, the conversation around Kubernets (and the many frameworks that are emerging to support it) has been mostly centered around DevOps practices: and rightly so, as it is a still relatively immature technology and ecosystem, and we are still looking for solid patterns and best practices that will ensure availability and scalability of distributed services.

However, as developers, there is also a need to understand and explore how can we architect our services so that they are "Kubernetes-ready" and will be, if not easy, at least not absurdly difficult (you've seen them!) to deploy in a pure or hybrid cloud environment.

We will emphasize code over slides; in fact, ideally there will be NO slides; and most certainly NO marketing slides: this a developers' group for developers - and while we welcome companies sponsoring events and presenting their cool technologies, our emphasis will be, to put it like the Agile Manifest once proudly declared, "on running code."

.Note for those wishing to join or already on the waiting list: this group reached its limit way faster than I expected, and there is a lot of demand to join in: this is great and I'm very grateful for your support.

Please bear with me while I arrange some corporate sponsorship for the upkeep of the group - apologies for the delay!

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