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Kundalini is an evolutionary energy in every human that stays dormant most of the time at base of our spine. Activating this supreme energetic force brings mystical experiences, bliss, peace and harmony in ones life. The true nature of the person comes into existence to lead a purposeful life. However there are many pitfalls and challenges to attune with this energy and the journey can be overwhelming.

There are many techniques such as Yoga, mediation and breathing that can help a person to be ready to experience this force, however no such methods are guaranteed. The key to receive activation of this energy is the higher consciousness, awareness and readiness of the soul of a person. This meetup group is formed to bring awareness of this energy that everyone is entitled to by revealing the secrets of a souls journey in various lifetime(s) to be ready for activation with Kundalini.

Our classes will focus on spiritual development and increasing the higher awareness within the Self to allow Kundalini to activate naturally, easily and peacefully. Welcome to your Journey.

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