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Kundalini Awakening Meditation .... is a pure ancient understanding of non-religious Vedic spiritual meditation, you will truly enjoy the bliss of your Kundalini awakening with a deeper Mind, Body, and Spirit awareness. Learn, practice and discuss the ancient knowledge, techniques, philosophies and schools of thought. Enjoy the bliss of divine music including Kirtan and join in our post meditation drum circle.

Spiritual Meditation will have "no" Guru or dogma that will subtly take your money, your innocence or in anyway try and control you or your thoughts, because in true meditation you become your own guru and master, connected directly to the divine light through your yoga (union).

It is your natural spiritual birth right to evolve in this lifetime from the human being into the spiritual being, and to live in the bliss of your spiritual awakening as 2012 unfolds. You are your own guru and master and child of the light .... so there is no guru to take your money or innocence ...

Meditation will relieve stress and balance our life, while improving our over all health and wellness.. So come join other children of light or seekers of the divine knowledge that will share and practice this pure form of ancient meditation yoga (union) with you.

Chai tea and great new friends and conversation.

NOTE - "This is NOT part of or associated to the "Kundalini Yoga" business group ...

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Prince's Island Park

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