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Kundalini Awakening Meditation .... is a pure ancient understanding of non-religious Vedic spiritual meditation, you will truly enjoy the bliss of your Kundalini awakening with a deeper Mind, Body, and Spirit awareness. Learn, practice and discuss the ancient knowledge, techniques, philosophies and schools of thought. Enjoy the bliss of divine music including Kirtan and join in our post meditation drum circle.

Spiritual Meditation will have "no" Guru or dogma that will subtly take your money, your innocence or in anyway try and control you or your thoughts, because in true meditation you become your own guru and master, connected directly to the divine light through your yoga (union).

It is your natural spiritual birth right to evolve in this lifetime from the human being into the spiritual being, and to live in the bliss of your spiritual awakening as 2012 unfolds. You are your own guru and master and child of the light .... so there is no guru to take your money or innocence ...

Meditation will relieve stress and balance our life, while improving our over all health and wellness.. So come join other children of light or seekers of the divine knowledge that will share and practice this pure form of ancient meditation yoga (union) with you.

Chai tea and great new friends and conversation.

NOTE - "This is NOT part of or associated to the "Kundalini Yoga" business group ...

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The "Vedic Cleansing Retreat" Beautiful Beings,

Meet in Parking lot _ at CREEKERS Cafe

The "Vedic Cleansing Retreat" Beautiful Beings, We want to invite you to an incredible opportunity to nourish your body, mind and soul in the wonderful foothills/Alberta. Saturday January 19th , at 3:15 pm MEET IN BRAGG CREEK IN FRONT OF "CREEKERS Cafe bistro beside 22x cycles " and car caravan so no one gets lost ..:) RETREAT starts 4 PM Facilitators: Brad Carrigan / Jane Rezende We will start the New Year with a combination of yoga, healthy food nourishment, work shop intro, meditation and sacred music. Designed to detoxify and cleanse the body, mind and soul through a special workshop of ancient Vedic protocols. Brad is a published book author on spirituality and higher learning as well he has been featured in various magazines and a US documentary TV series respecting his visionary spiritual insights. Brad has also lived India where he studied and taught ancient Vedic spiritual learning and meditation protocols as well as adding Indian devotional classical music to his world concert productions. Brad's focus for over 20 years is to share the natural inherent wisdom and how to access it’s higher realms and connective powers as children of the light, he has taught pure kundalini awakening meditation and higher learning to countless thousands world wide ... at N/C Jane is a international yoga instructor from Brazil, who has developed a juicy blend of traditional and modern yoga approaches. She is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher with over 7 years training and dedication. Jane’s exuberance and passion for teaching, extensive knowledge of yoga philosophy, and holistic health, combined with her experience as a Psychologist, Life & Business Coach creates a positive energy to be shared. 3:15 - Meet in Bragg Creek out side Creekers Cafe / by 22x cycles and caravan to the RETREAT so no one gets lost ..:) 4:00 Meditation 4:45 Yoga 5:45 Workshop 7:00 Pot Luck … Please bring something non- GMO Vegetarian to share with the group should you feel inclined. 8:00 Collective drumming / spontaneous musical performances / bring a drum or share ..:) *Cost: by affordable donation / to cover basic costs You may bring cash or e-transfer donations to [masked] **Registration RSVP: This beautiful space is limited / please ensure to RSVP for the event until Jan 18th, 12 pm.

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