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Kundalini Yoga is a special type of yoga, combining posture and movement (Kriya) Sound (Mantra), Breath (Pranayam) and Meditation. It is a practice which is within the reach of everybody, commonly called "the yoga of the householder" because all of us can do it.

It does not have levels so in a class each person goes at its own pace. Whether you are extremely flexible or stiff as a rock you can practice Kundalini Yoga. Its essence lies in helping you in your life journey. You don’t need to be strong, fit or have practices yoga before, the only “requirement” is to have a an open mind and a willingness to go within to re-discover yourself

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40 days for better sleep - instagram live - in English and French

Sat Nam dear Souls

As we transit through these times, one of the things which is being affected the most is our sleep. Insomnia and sleep difficulties are rampant these days and I decided I wanted to contribute.

In Kundalini yoga, cycles are important, and in a 40 day cycle we begin to engrain new habits into our psyche.

That's the reason why I am inviting you to join me, if you want and you resonate with the proposal, for a simple meditation for better sleep. I will start on April 14th at 2145 on instagram live @nirmalkaram
and we will meet every day, at the same time for 15 minutes (4 minutes of explanations and 11 minutes of meditation)
we will finish on Monday May 24th

you can join once, twice or whenever you want, I do suggest to try the meditation for a few days so that you can see its effects. it will always be the same meditation.

In love, service and resonance
Sat Nam, Namaste, In Lak'ech Ala K'in

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