What we're about

What: New fitness/exercise meet-up group on meetup.com

Mission: Gathering local residents in the Princeton/Lawrenceville New Jersey region who seek to improve their overall health and fitness through group exercise with an emphasis on martial arts techniques and practices for fun, flexibility, agility, focus, balance, strength and self-improvement

Who: Adults of any age who seek a fun group dynamic to begin or enhance their current exercise routines. Positive attitude individuals of all athletic levels welcome

The Organizer: I am a newly arrived resident of Lawrenceville (resulting from a job transfer). I am a current martial arts student (not instructor) whose only goal is to share the fitness benefits of Kung-Fu with interested adults who are potentially interested in martial arts but are not inclined to take part in traditional martial arts training programs

What is involved: Various training practices common to all martial arts; including: Qi gong (breathing exercises), stretching, striking/kicking practice, calisthenics, line drills, (non-contact) sparring practice, mitt/pad/shield work

What is not involved: KFF is not traditional martial arts training. Absent are: instructor-student formalities, traditional training hall (dojo) environment, traditional uniforms (gis), historical/academic study of style and lineage, belt ranking/promotions, competitions of any kind, grappling, contact sparring, forms (kata) practice, self-defense/combatives, iron body training

Plan of action: Being a new group, I will seek out interested individuals via meetup.com who are willing and able to commit at least one hour per week at a fixed time and location. Once a benchmark is reached (say six committed individuals) I will locate an area gym or other fitness facility where a small space can be reserved for regular training per an agreed upon schedule

Costs: No fees. The only potential cost is group “chip-in” to purchase inexpensive equipment … essentially limited to yoga mats, pads, mitts, etc.

Dress: Informal, general exercise loose fitting clothes such as gym shorts, sweat pants, tee shirts, etc.

Where and When: To be determined

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