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Kung fu lessons appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

We will be studying 7 Star Praying Mantis Style as taught by 8th Generation GrandMaster Philipman Chow ( http://www.martialartmantis.ca ).

Praying Mantis Style was created by Wang Lang and was named after the praying mantis insect; the aggressiveness of which inspired the style.

Praying Mantis Style is especially known for its speed and continuous attacks. Wrist & arm techniques in particular are emphasized, as well as knee and elbow strikes. Its footwork is adopted from Monkey Style Kung Fu.

If you are about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and character, and passionate about the martial arts, you may be a fit for our group!

Does Praying Mantis sounds like the style for you? Contact Sifu Lendale via direct message and find out today!

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