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Sunday Kungfu Class: Strength, Flexibility, Coordination & Self Defense!
STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, COORDINATION & self defense COMBAT practices, solo & with partner! All are welcomed, including total beginners! INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION and FOCUS on details so you LEARN, IMPROVE ON and GO BEYOND the BASICS of Kungfu with structured & progressive practices! No worries if your a beginner or about your level, you will improve at your own pace! Class will be 2 hours. Can pay by single class or in advance for 10 classes at discount! FEE: FREE First Trial Class! After trial, 150 HKD for single class or 10 classes for 1300 HKD, 200 discount! WHAT: Formal Kungfu Class! Bring a bottle of water! Weather perfect for training, but reminder to wear light layered clothing so can easily put on or take off! Maybe thermos of hot/warm water or tea! My method when it snowed in NY or Beijing! WHEN: Sunday 4 pm, NEW people meet at 3:45, after meeting we will move to training area. If rain, no problem for current students, small enough to have indoors! NEW members PLEASE wait for NO rain, small space will require different training! Please call if cannot find us! WHERE: INSIDE Kowloon Park (meet first at McDonalds across from swimming pool, next to Sports Center). MTR Tsim Sha Tsui, Jordan, or Austin. Google map link below:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl WHY: The Gym is BORING! You want to exercise & have fun with a purpose improving your strength, flexibility, coordination & self-defense skills while nourishing qualities of patience, focus, confidence and yes…discipline! HOW: To get in touch with me, email me through the site or at More info about my art at: Natural Style Kungfu, is a unique traditional Chinese Martial Art that uses the entire body in an integrated way to exercise and strengthen your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It incorporates aerobics to build cardiovascular and muscular endurance; shares with yoga an emphasis on strength and flexibility and has qualities of dance as it improves agility and coordination. It is an art form as much as a form of self defense, and is rooted deeply into Chinese culture and philosophy. Simply have fun with a purpose improving your strength, flexibility, coordination and self-defense skills while nourishing qualities of patience, focus, confidence and yes…discipline! Shifu Rudy Ibarra has twenty-nine years experience training in martial arts. Ten studying Okinawan Karate where he received two Blackbelts and nineteen studying and teaching Kungfu, seven of them spent in China. He has been teaching Kungfu in NYC since 2003 and currently splits his time between New York City and Hong Kong. For more info:

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Life is too short not to try something DIFFERENT, meet NEW people & have FUN while maintaining a HEALTHY body! Ever tried Kungfu? Here is your chance, all are welcomed! For people not in shape it will get you in shape in a fun group environment where you can progress at your own pace, for people already in shape who dance, do yoga, or athletes who play other sports, it will introduce a new sense of balance, strength, & motion that will propel you to the next level. All will benefit from Kungfu methods of STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, COORDINATION & SELF DEFENSE!

FIRST TIME members who LIVE in Hong Kong are WELCOMED to try a FREE Kung Fu class! Visitors please pay class fee. Drop by Tuesday or Thursday at 7:30pm or Sunday at 4pm, just join & RSVP!

For beginners, come try it, nothing to lose! Kung Fu is a dynamic healthy martial art that will help you learn proper body mechanics, it is proven to heal the body and help preserve full range of motion in individuals well into their 90's! For practitioners of other styles, it's a great supplement to your training! We will also have intermediate & advanced exchange events to meet martial artists from other styles for discussion, demonstration, comparison, workout & fun! I hope to not only educate on the benefits of a well rounded comprehensive style of Kungfu (unfortunately some are not) but also have a forum for those with an interest to come together and share their knowledge of the art and experience with various schools & instructors. More info on style & master in "Pages".

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