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Have you ever wondered why some relationships are so much happier than others while others live lives of quiet desperation? What causes the love in a relationship to last? Or what causes love to die? What makes friends or family members stick together for life? Or what causes them to drift apart?

The founders of Kutumb Relacare Nomads have been looking for answers to these questions for years. And they found out something interesting: for friends and family to have a healthy relationship, just meeting them or staying together is not enough. A healthy relationship is one that grows with time; not only do people in healthy relationships stay together, but they enjoy spending “quality time” with each other. People in healthy relationships stay together because they relish and enjoy each other’s company!

Such strong bonding can develop in several ways. But some of the most powerful ways to do it is to travel with ones you love. The founders also found out that the best relationships, whether it be friends or family, the best bonding happens when they travel together. Human beings connect to a deeper part of their soul when they travel and connect with nature. Amidst that connection with nature, they also connect with each other a lot better!

Another way to bond with people you love is to play with them, have high-quality fun conversations and do adventurous, recreational activities together. As Plato once said, “You can learn more about a person in a hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

The interesting thing is that the founders of Kutumb have immersed themselves into understanding patterns in human behavior. They are experts at shifting unconscious patterns that create the results they experience in their lives. They are experts at evolving human beings fast. They have worked on medical limitations as well as have worked with people to evolve their capabilities of connecting with people. Their skill set, their intuitions for noticing patterns that need to change for individuals and their relationships to evolve is the single greatest skill set that sets them apart from any other organisation in the world. And what makes Kutumb programs different is the fantastic accelerated learning technologies integrated into the program, that allow for people to fully absorb and apply these life-changing distinctions in their own lives.

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