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Kyiv DevOps Meetup

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Fedoriv Hub

5, Velyka Vasylkivska Str · Kyiv

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5, Velyka Vasylkivska Str, Suite 27, Arena City, Fedoriv Hub 01004, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Come to the Kyiv DevOps meetup to learn more about and share information on the DevOps movement - culture, practices and tools.

This is a group for professionals, hackers, managers, and engineers - from development and operations backgrounds. We will try to cover anything and everything about DevOps including Automation, Orchestration, Containers, Virtualisation, Service Discovery, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

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Our Speakers:

1. Yegor Bugayenko, USA

Presentation title: Continuous Integration is Dead


Continuous Integration is a very popular concept, actively used in almost every modern software project. Building and packaging a software product on every modification of the code base with an immediate signaling of failures is an attractive technique, which, unfortunately, rarely works as intended. In reality, continuous integration servers/services are not helping software teams, but simply distracting them from their main objectives. Broken builds are not exceptional situations in software projects, despite the fact of using continuous integration. In most projects, builds are broken most of the time. There is a solution though, which can help and get software projects back to the green build territory, at the same time seriously increasing the quality of code.

2. Alex Conway, Boston, DataRobot

Presentation title: Dockerizing DataRobot

Abstract: At DataRobot, we decided to migrate our infrastructure to Docker in order to better meet business needs. In this talk I'll be describing how we've gone about the process of migrating our infrastructure, from the first Dockerfiles to an on-premise cluster deployment system. I'll talk about the tools we've used, some of the challenges we've faced so far, and our plans for moving forward with this increasingly popular technology and the ecosystem of products surrounding it.

3. Stanislav Vitko, Russia

Presentation title: DevOps in Enterprise company

Abstract: Small talk about DevOps practices adoption in some Enterprise companies based on personal experience. I'll try to cover reasons why big businesses are interested in DevOps. And problems engineering organisation meets while switching to DevOps ideology and during implementation of practices like Continuous Delivery or Continuous Integration.

4. Paul Colomiets, Ukraine

Presentation title: Build Your Own Docker

Abstract: In this talk I will describe linuxnamespaces, the technology behind the Docker and LXC. This is intended to facilitate using Docker the right way as well as more creative usage of linux containers.

5. Evgeny Zislis, Israel

Presentation title: Test Driven Infrastructure


Evgeny is a Co-Founder & CTO at Devops Israel ( For the last 11 years, he has been involved in helping and teaching R&D & IT managers, developers and operations engineers in big & small companies get a better handle on the operations side of their programming.

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Programmers have been test driving software design for a while, but the infrastructure that runs that software is still often manually configured and maintained.

Now that every second company is using Puppet or Chef, the infrastructure is finally automated by using software, and the natural next step is test driving this software as well.

Learn the reasons why tests for infrastructure code and tests in general are a good idea, and the various ways of writing tests for your infrastructure automation.

6. Vadim Fedorov, Ukraine

Presentation title: From the sandbox to production.


The development process is an exciting and challenging process, however sooner or later a product need to be rollout on production environment. Often a development team in this moment opens a wonderful and a new world of the Ops. In my story, I want to share a few tips how to roll out successfully your product.