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A meetup for Satanists organized by The Thirteen (http://hermeticsatanism.com). Satanism embraces and synthesizes aspects of occult knowledge historically attributed to dark and sinister deities, such as Seth & Apep, Shiva & Kali, Ahriman & Az and, in modern days, to Satan. Thus, Satan is the ultimate summa daemonium within the whole scope of post-modern culture, much outside common monotheistic religions. Such vision is successive to many initiatory teachings of the past and modernity, especially ancient dark cults and mysteries of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece; Shaivism, Vamachara, Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, Zen etc. Hermetic Satanism adopts and evolves ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche (on transcending limitations of human nature), Aleister Crowley (Thelema as the Law of the Will), Julius Evola (renovation of occult Hermeticism), Austin Osman Spare (ecstatic self-gratification), Anton S. LaVey (Satan as a new cultural symbol). We practice non-dualistic, hermetic Satanism and share many common methods and views with Ur Group, Cultus Sabbati, Temple of Set, Dragon Rouge etc. But notwithstanding all similarities it is the first occult organization redefining Satanism as not just a “rational belief” or a dark gnostic cult, but as a natural non-dualistic worldview, philosophy and initiatory occult system with Satan embedded in its core. To find out more please read http://hermeticsatanism.com/The%20Thirteen.%20On%20Hermetic%20Satanism.pdf or our blog at https://medium.com/hermetic-satanism

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Initial meetup: get to know each other

Замковая гора, у языческого капища