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Команда Data Science UA - организатор масштабной конференции по Data Science. Мы собираем лучших специалистов одного из наиболее популярных и востребованных IT-трендов современности.
Наша главная цель заключается в развитии Data Science Community в Украине для обмена опытом и знаниями.
Перспективы развития проекта масштабны — создания комьюнити и обучения нового поколения Data Scientists в Украине.
Больше о Data Science UA на сайте data-science.com.ua

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Data Analytics and AI 2019 course


On September 7 — 8, Data Analytics and AI 2019 course will take place. During the course, Oleksandr Romanko will talk about the basics of data analysis, modeling, and IBM AI experience. Tickets >>> https://bit.ly/2YqMAmS Oleksandr Romanko is a Senior Researcher at IBM Canada, a lecturer at the University of Toronto and UCU (Ukrainian Catholic University) and KSE. Oleksandr received a PhD and Master's Degree in Computer Science at McMaster University (Canada), a Master's degree in economics at Karlovo University (Czech Republic) and a specialist diploma from Sumy State University. In 2 days you will: – learn how to obtain and clean data – get the basic understanding of Data Science models – know how to critically analyze modeling results – know how to make optimal decisions based on modeling results Who will be interested in: – junior-middle developers – business and financial analysts – junior data scientists – managers who would like to transform their companies based on data – students who seek to study real cases instead of dry theory Special guests: Dmytro Lavrinenko, Director — Technology, GlobalLogic Ievgen Medvedskyi, CEO, IWIS Venue: InnoHub, 6Z, Vatslava Havela Blvd. Kyiv, Ukraine Date and time: April 20–21 from 10:00 to 18:00 (registration — at 9:30) Course Schedule September 7 Introduction to data science and analytics Data science concepts Application areas Getting data into Python Working with CSV and JSON format/files Web-scraping in Python Using APIs in Python (Twitter API, New York Times API, etc.) Using cloud AI services from Python Machine Learning, Part 1 — linear and logistic regressions Modeling process and machine learning Optimization for regression modeling, data science and AI Linear regression Logistic regression Regression case studies in Python September 8 Machine Learning, Part 2 — advanced classification and clustering Classification (decision trees, SVM, kNN) Clustering (K-means, Fuzzy C-means, Hierarchical Clustering, DBSCAN) Association rules Ensemble methods (random forests, Xgboost) Machine learning case studies in Python Cognitive computing and artificial intelligence Text analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Neural networks and brief introduction to deep learning Spatio-temporal analytics Cognitive computing case studies in Python Visual analytics and storytelling based on analytics Visual analytics and visualizations Validating analytics Storytelling based on analytics Decision-making based on analytics Course language: Ukrainian, slides and Python examples in English Tickets: till August 15 — 690 uah; August 16 — August 31 — 790 uah; September 1 — September 7 — 890 uah. Discounts: 5% — from 2 tickets; 7% — from 3 tickets; 10% — from 5 tickets. 25% — for students. Tickets >>> https://bit.ly/2YqMAmS

Data Science UA Conference

Concert Hall "Oasis"

Data Science UA Conference October 19 Kyiv Data Science UA - 7th Conference on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Kyiv. Productive networking and engineering insights. Over 500 participants and 20 speakers, 3 streams. Find more >> https://bit.ly/2G8h7LV Technology track Building Architecture. Search for data and data cleaning. Model learning and validation. Experience of developers and engineers. Business track Get new insights about the use of Data Science in business. Problems of forming teams and determining the effectiveness of such projects. Experience of investors, founders, and developers. Workshops track 2 workshops. An opportunity for a real case study in practice with a mentor. Panel Discussion 'Exploring the black box' ML algorithms become smarter, but the effectiveness and interpretation of models are often impossible to determine. Developers and business people will talk about AI and 'black boxes'. Find more >> https://bit.ly/2G8h7LV Tickets First 50 — 1700 UAH (First 50 tickets) Early birds — 1900 (after “First 50” — till august 31) Standard — 2200 UAH (September 1 - September 30) Last chance — 2700 UAH (October 1 - October 19) Backstage — 3700 грн - (only 30 tickets) Ticket includes: - Conference pass - Pre-party with speakers - Consulting session - Recruiting assist session - Welcome pack Discounts 25% discount for students and teachers 5% from 2 tickets 7% from 3 tickets 10% from 5 tickets Buy tickets>> https://bit.ly/2G8h7LV Location Oasis concert hall Kyiv, Lipkovskogo str, 1A, Ultramarine, 3rd floor Nearest metro station — Vokzalna

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