What we're about

Welcome to our group! If you have a seasoned background in Real Estate, even as an agent, or if you are on day 1 of wanting to learn how to become a Real Estate Investor, this is the group for you. We have both seasoned Real Estate Investors and beginner students with no real estate background - all learning (and earning!) together!

We hold several weekly introductory groups (live in person and sometimes live and online) for those who wish to begin their new career and for those who are just curious and thinking about getting started and wish to know a little more:

Thursday evenings are an Introduction to the "5 Pillars of Wealth" at 7:00 PM. Saturdays we have either a REAL DEAL tour (a tour in person in one of our properties being flipped) or Real Estate Intensive classes (usually once a month) with nationally recognized leaders in the industry who instruct the classes. Thursday Introductions and Saturday Real Deals or Saturday intensive training classes are perfect as a first time to be introduced to our community.

Mondays evenings at 7:00 PM are our follow up meetings that you are welcome to attend after attending either a Thursday or a Saturday.
***NOTE: You MUST attend one of these meetings before attending a Monday follow up meeting.
Our Monday night meetings are designed as a second exposure, and contain a mass of information that will not make much sense if you have not attended a first-exposure meeting.
***All meetings are strictly invitation only. You must contact your organizer if you wish to attend any of these meetings and furnish us with a full name, phone number and email address so that you may be properly put into our online guest system.

A few things about being a Real Estate Investor:
- You do not need a real estate license.
- You do not require any background in real estate.
- You do not need your own money to invest in real estate (yes, you read that correctly).
This is not a "Get rich quick" scheme...It is a "Get WEALTHY OVER TIME" Strategy that works!!
You will learn the strategies that make the wealthy WEALTHY:
- Investing in Real Estate.
- Tax Strategies that save $$$.
- Banking strategies the banks don't want you to know.
- Credit Management (Personal and Business).
- Finding Real Estate Deals.
- Funding Real Estate Deals (Hard Money and Private).
- Fix n Flip, Multi-Family, Seller Financed Notes, Negotiations, Tax Liens, Foreclosures, Wholesaling and MUCH MORE. There is a LOT MORE TO REAL ESTATE INVESTING and BUILDING WEALTH THAN FLIPPING HOUSES!

Come and learn with us. We would love to get to know you!

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