What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in intermediate to advanced photography and modeling. We focus on working on both sides to the camera to create creative portraiture and artists digital images for non commercial use.


In order to join you must answer all questions. If you leave one blank you will be declined. You can attend one Meetup as a trial. You must RSVP. After that you must join to continue to be allowed to RSVP.

CURRENT ISSUES (rev1 3-26-19, rev2 6-22-19 rev 3 02-10-2020)

1. ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS MUST USE MEETUP TO RSVP TO A MEETUP on MEETUP.COM Total allowed will be based on setups and models available. You can also join the Photographers only meetup page https://www.facebook.com/groups/CPCPhotographersONLY/


3. Images are to be delivered to the models via Email. Either as an embedded image or a direct download link. The Emails containing images for delivery are to be sent to LICPCIMGS@gmail.com with the models name and date of shoot in the subject line and a short note thanking them for their participation in the body of the Email, along with the the images or link. Going forward, this shall be the only acceptable means of image delivery and will, hopefully, simplify the process for all.

4. If you edit a few pictures sonner, please email them right away with a note, "More pictures to follow"

5. Current shooting location is in Levittown but we will have other locations to Meetup around Long Island.


1. Membership dues are $50.00 for 2020. you can come to one workshop for free to see if you like the group. After that you must sign up here or see an organizer at the Photoshoot to pay dues. Dues are non-refundable after you attend a free trial meetup and your first actual meetup.

2. Photographers, when posting to social media or contests please us the model name and not the legal name. If submitting to a contest please notify the model as a courtesy.


1. Models must be invited by a photographer or can join the mailing list by emailing LongIslandCPC@gmail.com

2. To model at an event email you will be notified to send the email confirming your interest.

3. When you are approved your Membership Dues will be waived. Models will not pay dues in consideration for your Time for Prints Model release.

4. Models can also join the model only facebook group at "Long Island Creative Portrait Club - MODELS"


General Rules

1. Be respectful. Absolutely no yelling or cursing across the room. The space is large enough that we can all have a nice space for our Photography setups. Please see an Organizer for any difference of opinion.

2. Ask Permission before touching anyone to adjust hair, clothing or poses. As with any social interaction there are different level of friendship and comfort. We all want to make the shot look better. Just Ask. Some models do not want or need help. Please respect their decision.

3. Ask Permission before moving another Photographers Equipment. Some of the item are very expensive. Please help set up and break down the photography stations. But Ask what needs to be moved and how it needs to be put away.

4. Respect the Hall. Clean up and trash and report any damage or safety concerns to a Hall staff member or Organizer.

5. Please forward all TFP Photos within 18 days. And if you get a few done sooner, I am sure the models would love to receive them before the main download. Please edit with care, doing your best to show the models in a good light. We will be emailing the models direct with a buddy system for review.

Please be patient as we update our meetup group.


We are an intermediate to advanced club. Beginners are welcome but everyone is expected to do help out so that its not just the organizers do all of the work. Please consider doing one or more of the following.

1. SETUP A STATION AT LEAST TWICE A YEAR. If you don't have one invest some money into getting a station.

2. COME EARLY AND STAY LATE TO HELP. Some of the stations require a lot of effort to setup and carry the equipment back and forth to the car. Do not take your pictures and just leave before cleanup. Chairs and tables also have to be put away. (If you are not physically able to help in this way consider another way to contribute)

3. MAKE AN ADDITIONAL DONATION TO THE CLUB FUND. Donate an additional $50.00 beyond the current dues to help pay for snacks and drinks, website dues, and additional meetups that require permits or extra money.

4. TEACH A CLASS. Pick a topic you know and teach a 10 to 30 minute session on it. This can be anything related to photography, editing, or even product review.

5. FIND AND INVITE GOOD QUALITY MODELS. Know someone you have worked with in the past and knows how to model and pose? Or maybe they have a certain style or interesting outfit and makeup? Invite them so we all can get good quality shots for your portfolio.

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Workshop Intensive: Constant Lighting

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January Open Photoshoot

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Portrait Lighting Intensive Workshop

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