What we're about

LOLAS is a group designed to cater to Ladies who enjoy the passion of the Tobacco Leaf... Focusing only on Cigars and pipes. We are a group on Facebook with 3 thousands members that are not only ladies, but also men that are Cigar shop owners, CEO's of Cigar companies and cigar reps. We do allow men in the group for connections and to bridge the gap between the sexes. They need to see and hear us puff and roar! Husbands and boyfriends of the lady members (a LOLA as she is called) can join with the Lola at the Meet Ups but do know... it is designed with the Lola in mind. We love seeing the camaraderie and making new friends. The group does meet at Cigar events Nationwide since our members are all over the US and Abroad as well as locally. The group is to let Ladies feel comfortable that they are not alone, to help explore their passion, to help educate and to bond with each other over a beverage, food and cigar....it's not only about the Leaf but rather and more importantly about the Lady behind the Leaf. We are excited to officially start monthly to bi monthly Meet Ups in the Gainesville area. Thank you, Kimberly Reeger, Founder of L.O.L.A.S. ( Lolas is copyrighted and trademarked est in 2012)

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