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What we're about

The LA Amateur Classical Musicians' Meetup group is dedicated to giving amateur classical musicians opportunities to play chamber music with other local musicians.

While we may have the occasional meetup where we just get together to watch live music or to hang out, most meetups will revolve around playing classical music in small groups.

RSVP'ing and attending meetups:

Each event will list what music will be played, when and where the event will take place, and how many musicians/what kind of instruments are needed. Please pay attention to the kind of instrumentalists that have already rsvp'ed. For instance, if the event is a string quartet, the host is a cellist, and a violinist and violist have already rsvp'ed, then only one additional violinist should rsvp for the event. The host will specify the number and kind of instrumentalists that they are looking for.

If you rsvp yes to an event, it is very important that you actually show up! This is especially true for smaller groups. If your schedule changes, make sure that you change your rsvp status as soon as possible to give other musicians the opportunity to join, or for the host to cancel the event, if need be.

Hosting a meetup:

Anyone may host a meetup. If you plan on hosting an event, make sure to include the following information in your post:

• Event location

• Event time

• Type and number of instrumentalists you need

• If you are open to multiple musicians playing a single part (e.g. having four musicians playing a duet), make sure to specify how many musicians may rsvp per part.

• What music will be played. Remember, it is up to you to provide music. If the music is in the public domain and can be found online, please post a link to where it can be easily found so that folks can practice ahead of time.

• Whether attendees need to bring their own stands

A note on privacy

Because most events will take place in members' homes, this group is marked private, which means that the public can only see member counts, event titles and dates, and the group description. Only members of the group can see the addresses of events.For members who wish to keep their home address and phone contact info even more private, the option exists for event hosts to e-mail their contact info ONLY to the event attendees prior to their meetup. This can be done by the host on the event webpage using the “E-mail attendees” options above the RSVP list.

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