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ALL EVENTS ARE CURRENTLY ONLINE. JOIN US! You can be a leader in many ways and places: in your career, your family, or in a community large and small. This is your place for networking, support, and growth.

We are a community dedicated to realizing our maximum leadership potential through sound and proven principles that optimize personal and professional growth. We support each other in making smart choices that lead to optimal outcomes in leadership and an optimally fulfilling life.

Join our group to engage in the following:

1. Training and educational events - mostly free of charge and of leading edge quality.

2. Networking and Social events to connect, have fun and engage further in getting support.

3. Information and collaborative support to help you overcome challenges and achieve much more.

Discussions will include but not be limited to the following areas:

Exceptional and Extraordinary Leadership


Goal setting


Business growth







At this time we are hosting content and networking events online. These will be fun, engaging, and inclusive events that provide you with a unique experience! I've been hosting these kinds of events since 2015 and intend to provide you with a smooth experience that satisfies our desires for learning and growth, as well as our basic needs to be social and communicate.

Join the group to take advantage of the benefits of our network and community!

Sincerely, Your Organizer,

Luci Gabel, Leadership and Optimal Performance Coach


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Feminine Leadership Forum: Confidence & Authenticity in Today's Climate

*NOTE: This is an ONLINE educational event and live discussion. To gain access register below. Immediately afterward you’ll return to this site and the link to the meeting will be on the right!

The tipping point is now. Tides are shifting and there is new possibility for what leadership looks like in our world. If you want to be a different kind of leader now is the time—and you’re not alone.

Join this event for an intimate presentation and discussion led by Luci Gabel, MBA, MA, where she shares from experience and research-backed perspectives what makes an outstanding leader in today’s climate. You don’t have to be a born leader, you just have to care enough to learn how to become one, and practice your skills regularly.

We’ll begin an inclusive dialogue to inspire your confident & impactful leadership, powerfully stimulate your thinking, and excite you about being a different kind of leader now and in the future.

In this webinar we’ll discuss:
1. The kind of leader people want to follow today
2. The type of leaders who consistently lead organizations to success and resilience
3. Actionable steps you can take immediately to become your own best version of a leader in today’s climate

1. Welcome participants (5 min)
2. Host introduction (5 min)
3. Presentation of the current state and opportunities (20 min)
4. Forum and moderated conversation (30 min)

*NOTE: This is an ONLINE educational event and live discussion. To gain access register below. Immediately afterward you’ll return to this site and the link to the meeting will be on the right.

See you online!
Your host,
Luci Gabel, MBA, MA, ACE, ACSM

Your host, Luci Gabel has over 20 years of advanced education and experience in both leadership and human health. She compassionately guides people to be effective, well-rounded, leaders and make bold, grounded and healthy decisions for themselves and those they lead.
She’s currently the leadership and performance strategist at Presidio Advisors, physiology instructor at San Jose State University and nutrition instructor at George Washington University School of Medicine in the department of Clinical Research and Leadership.

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