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Learn to Build a scale-able and profitable business! Or be a passive investor. Learn what type of incredible returns are being achieved in this industry!

Don't be confused by the regulations and where to start? We will assist you through this maze of opportunity in the legal medical cannabis industry here in California.

This is a generational opportunity that our communities cannot afford to slip by. Build Generational Wealth! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to move up the economic ladder and to create Wealth!! Let’s not let be left behind!

We will provide business models. Also an actual presentation from a licensed cannabis operator looking to scale up, or a business in the licencing process seeking a partner. Team up with a long time experience professional in the industry.

This industry is only in its infancy, only in its germination stage. Capture your market share before the industry explodes!

We also will assist you with cities throughout LA County and beyond to obtain a license to sell, manufacture, extract, distribute, and cultivate. Advocating for fair and equitable policies locally, like access, taxation, and costs of licensing. Compliance with local laws is required for businesses.

We are here to assist you with opportunities in this new, exciting, and fruitful industry. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create Generational Wealth!!

Cost is $49 for dinner and breakfasts workshops. Maximum attendees of 20. Please RSVP and pay your fee on the page on the left column under Chip In

Our Website http://www.professionalorganics.org/

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Cannabis Extraction Lab Opportunity CBD/THC Markets

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Extraction Lab Investment Opportunity/Dinner Cannabis extracts is a growing and booming sector of the industry. As the market for cannabis consumers is shifting to products such as capsules, lotions, vape pens, and edibles, the demand for a high-quality, pure oil supply will continue to grow at exponential rates. In developed markets up to 65% of all retail sales come from some form of extract-derived product. The demand will further increase as more cities and states continue legalization. Over the next twelve to twenty four months, market rates for cannabis trim and flower are expected to decline, while branded products are expected to remain stable or grow over time. Gross margins for cannabis based derivatives range from 40% to 60% depending on the quality of trim, extraction technique. The Company is focused on quality, efficiency, and sourcing the best trim. The main risks of operating in cannabis in California include regulation and compliance, management of cash flow, and quality control. Our team is experienced in compliance, business and finance management, and the technicalities of extraction. This is the next business opportunity for entrepreneurs and people who are interested in developing more profitable alternatives to add value to their business. Our History and Experience The Company in 2017 developed a oil extraction laboratory. It’s experts in extraction, distillation, and formulation, and the demand for oil brought very successful sales. In addition to manufacturing oil, products such as vape pens, cartridges, and white label packaging contributed to the success of the operation. Profiles of our stellar team members can be found at: www.professionalorganics.org/our-team/ and some items that we have produced are at: https://humble-extracts.com. We look forward to presenting this business model and opportunity the 28th at Cameron's Seafood in Pasadena at 630pm-830pm. Please use Venmo services to make your reservation. Phil-Reyes -1. Cost is $35 Call us if you have a question, thank you

First Meetup will be in about 30-45 days
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

First Meetup will be in about 30-45 days. We need members first.

Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Next Meet Up will be the 3 week of March.Details to Follow.

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Cannabis Extraction Lab Opportunity

Cameron's Seafood


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