What we're about

"Fifteen years ago. That was the last time I was this excited by a programming language, and that language was Ruby.
It wasn’t for lack of trying. I explored them all as they came out, but none grabbed me—none made me feel like I’d enjoy spending years digging in.
Then I found Elixir. Twice. The first time was a year ago, and I thought it was very nice, but not compelling. But Corey Haines pushed me to look again. He was right. Elixir is special.”
— Dave Thomas, author of “Programming Elixir"

We are a new meet-up group based in downtown Los Angeles. Our goal is to learn functional programming, and our language of choice is Elixir. We invite people to join our group and learn this exciting new paradigm and language.
Elixir is one of the newer players in the functional programming world. Elixir is influenced by languages such as Erlang and Clojure. It has taken many of the best features of those languages, and wrapped it up in a more friendly Ruby-like syntax. Elixir runs on the Erlang VM, which is a battle-tested platform built for high availability, fault tolerance and concurrency.

The community around the language is excellent. You will often see the creator of elixir, José Valim, answering questions on the web and in #elixir-lang on free node IRC.

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