What we're about

This is a group for women who own and operate their own businesses in the Greater Los Angeles Area. This group will foster coaching, capacity building, networking, sharing experiences and mentoring others. You'll make incredible connections and the ability to give back!

Why Join Our FBO 2.0 Group?
Because We Have The Competitive Edge: "Innovate or evaporate" is our slogan.
When you join one of our chapters, you receive 21+ (paid monthly member benefits for only $21 a month) such as but not limited to:

- Learn how to design a 'SEXY' business model.
- Attend our 'Brand Your Business' development meetings.
- Be eligible to be a keynote speaker at our events.
- Receive business tips, resource referrals, and business insights through our state of the art mobile technology (the same technology you can use for your business).
- Learn how to be the 'Face of Your Brand' so that you get more business!
- Be invited to showcase your business on our national 'Signature' radio show!
- Learn how to leverage your business "EFFECTIVELY"!
- Get invited to participate in our 'Signature Accelerator' Fast Growth Program (held once a year for 12 weeks) located in Greater Los Angeles, CA. Connect with other leading entrepreneur innovators and immerse with our partners, investors, CPAs, and more.

We ask that you fill out the questionnaire in full so we can get to know you and determine if you are a good fit for this meetup group.

PLEASE NOTE: this meetup is for women who actually own or co-own a business. Because there are unique opportunities and challenges for female business owners, we are very selective in member approval. We will not approve those who participate in MLM sales organizations, personal achievement or "great opportunity" programs. This includes Mary Kay, Melaleuca, or organizations which require you to recruit other salespeople. Thank you for understanding.

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