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What we're about

LA Girl is a social network helping women find the friends, travel companions, housemates and business connections that they need to feel at home in Los Angeles.

It's also part of a bigger network called the City Girl Network, where 11 other cities all over the world are doing the same thing - San Francisco Girl is the only other US-based community right now.

If you want to be involved in LA Girl through community management, events organising, marketing or writing for our blog, message us!

Please note: We are sisters, not cisters. And we do not tolerate any trans-exclusionary attitudes or behaviours. If you identify as an LA Girl, then you're an LA Girl.


About the launch

On Friday 19th October, the founder of the City Girl Network, Pippa, is spending 24 hours alone in LA - which she's seen as the perfect excuse to launch the City Girl Network in LA.

Unlike our cities, where we recruit a community manager who organises the meeting place, we want to organise the Friday night event as well as the Saturday brunch event through the voices of the whole community.

Thousands of girls have moved to a new city and found their feet through the City Girl Network - we thought it would be a fun experience how they feel.

Help Pippa create the perfect night out and brunch for any girl who's experiencing LA for the first time and build a long-lasting community that sees every girl feel at home in the city.

You can read more on LA Girl/City Girl Network/Pippa's adventure here:

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