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Price: $10.00 /per person
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LA OpenSource is an event for coders interested in contributing to open source projects.

The $10 fee includes the following:

* The opportunity to lead a sprint on an open-source project, or to join a sprint team

* Light breakfast (bagels or something along those lines)

* Lunch

* Dinner

* Tight security to keep the "idea guys", "idea gals", and other distractions out.

When you RSVP, specify in the comments what open-source project you'll be working on. If you don't know, specify what languages, libraries, or frameworks you plan to work with.

Thank You, Sponsors

Special thanks to our sponsors for subsidizing expenses and helping us keep this a low-cost community event. If you are interested in sponsoring this event, email sponsors (at) laopensource (dot) org for details.

Thank You, Volunteers

Special thanks to the volunteer team for making this happen:
- Daniel Greenfeld ( (@pydanny (
- Audrey Roy ( (@audreyr (
- Michael R
The team:
- Kaitlyn Parkhurst ( (@symkat (
- Esther Nam ( (@estherbester (
- Sophia Viklund ( (@backcode (
- Harrington Joseph ( (@harph (
- Anna Mendoza (
- Leo Chen
- Bobby
- Rahim Sonawalla ( (@ ( (
- Andrew Cholakian (@andrewvc (
- Alex Gaynor (@alex_gaynor (
I'm just starting as a programmer, should I come?
It depends. If you've never coded before, this isn't the right place. Instead, you might consider one of the local coding workshops or classes. In fact, here's a good bi-weekly hack night ( / study group ( for you.
If you've done a tutorial or two, sprints can be a great way to learn new skills or hone your technique by sitting alongside experienced developers who actually need your help. A lot of projects have what are called 'low hanging fruit', which are 'simpler' tasks saved for beginner developers to wet their teeth on.
What projects are being worked on?
- Core Django (3 core developers will be in attendance!!!)
- Rails
- Node.js
- Meteor
- JavaScript Quantum Information Simulator
- Django Packages
- Foauth
Can I volunteer?
Email support (at) laopensource dot org if you want to help in the days before, or during the actual day the sprint. This will be a 150-person event, so we need all the help we can get.
Can I lead a sprint?
Yes! Post links to the project page and repo in the comments below. We will add them to the event description.
Can my developer meetup group have a table?
Yes! If you run a meetup (e.g. SoCal Python), we encourage you to use this event as an excuse to get your group together to work on open source projects. Email support (at) laopensource dot org with a link to your meetup, and we'll add your logo.
Where's the IRC channel?
#laopensource on Some of us are in there now. Come on in and say hi.
What's the social media hashtag?
Use #laopensource to help us find each other's tweets, photos, etc.
Can I come to find free work for my startup? To recruit developers?
Absolutely not.
While we certainly love our local recruiters, CTOs, and entrepreneurs, this event is being held to allow developers within the open source community to work among others with similar interests and motivations. If you are found to be attempting to recruit those who attend, you will be given a yellow warning card and clearly told that recruiting is not allowed within this event. Should you continue, you will be given a red card to keep as a souvenir and asked to leave without refund.
Can my company sponsor?
Yes! Sponsors receive a number of benefits, including prominent logo placement here/in emails/at the event and ability to have flyers at the registration table.
Email sponsors (at) laopensource dot org for details. Sponsorship is what allows us to keep the price low.
In addition to sponsorship for LAOpenSource #5, we are looking for a venue for the next event (#6) that can ideally hold 150 developers or more comfortably, sitting at tables all day with laptops.
Whoa, this is #5?
A bit of history: in 2011, Danny and Audrey held the "LA Open Source Hackathon" twice at the Cartwheel Web office, with a vision of putting the energy of hackathons toward growing the LA open source community. We took time off from this in late 2011/early 2012 to focus on getting PyLadies off the ground. In mid 2012 we picked it up again with this meetup group, where Michael joined us as an organizer. And now, this is our first event of this scale with a formal volunteer team!
Where should I park?
Take a look at parking in Santa Monica ( to see where garages are located, or try to find street parking in the surrounding neighborhood. If parking on streets, please beware of the permit only zones within parts of the surrounding residential neighborhood.
Other questions?
Email support (at) laopensource dot org.