LA-HUG: SideFX Intern Showcase


LA-HUG is proud to invite you to our third SideFX intern showcase! SideFX interns’ individual projects represent concentrated study and achievement in a few specialized areas of Houdini, and we’re proud to share these hard-working artists with the community. Each intern will describe and discuss their project as well as their personal learning process during their time at SideFX.

Minal Kalkute combines creativity with efficiency. She's originally from Mumbai and holds an MA in VFX/Technical Arts from University of Utah. Since her time as an undergraduate, she's worked as a 3D artist on games for multiple platforms. In her time at SideFX she's widened her knowledge of creating stunning visual effects, asset optimization, scripting, and creating effective tools. She'll discuss rendering workflow within Houdini (including Mantra optimization) as well as her current personal projects, her use of the 'denoiser' node, and generally making stuff look good 🙂

Danicka Oglesby enjoys tackling technical problems of all sorts. She's an Austin-based technical artist with a background in math. Her Texas A&M graduate studies in Visualization prepared her well for work in gameplay programming, physics simulations and visual effects. She's developed a multitude of VR experiences (from the corporate to the independent) and tonight she'll be presenting her latest work: A "Synthwave-style" VR project using Houdini's powerful GameDev tools. Danicka will also discuss incorporation of crowd sim data in a Unity project to transform agent GameObjects.

Our thanks to SideFX, to these hardworking interns, and to all our excellent sponsors for making LA-HUG the place it is. Our attendees meet fellow artists, explore Houdini as a platform, and learn more about what Houdini is and what it can do.

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