Houdini 18 - Solaris, Real-Time Clouds, & Destruction with Pyro


Join SideFX and the LA Houdini community for Houdini 18 presentations by SideFX interns!

-Main Presentation: VFX intern Yuqing Chen will give an introduction to Solaris in Houdini 18 and guide us through several examples such as the process of preparing assets, setting variants, and physical editing.

-Project Presentation: Games intern Ciara Cipponeri will explain and compare current methods for producing clouds for real-time applications including systems of shaders, skydomes, and boxes. She will also show some cloud assets which utilize the proceduralism of Houdini while still being art-directable.

-Project Presentation: VFX intern Sumedh Kalghatgi will show his car destruction project that uses constraint switching and the new soft constraints for metal breaking and bending. He will also cover the small suspension rig used for realistic car bouncing and using multiple pyro simulations to create a complex explosion.


This Meetup will be held at Indie Desk in DTLA. Bring your friends, and mingle with FX artists from studios all over Los Angeles.

Raffle prizes include:

Houdini Indie License
Houdini mousepad
Redshift licenses
Quixel Megascan Year Subscription
GridMarkets Cloud Rendering credits

See ya there,
Deb, Ben and Justin