What we're about

Just a fun, laid-back group for fellow lesbians in LA looking for friends (or whatever... imagine if you meet your future wife through this group. I'm already excited for you omg I hope I'm invited to the wedding).

But seriously -- just meant to be a chill environment for chill people who want to go out and do things with others in their community, have a great time, meet some new friends, and share ideas :)

My friend and I partially started this group because we're working to start a social community for lesbians (incl. a YouTube channel, networking events like this, etc.) so if anyone is interested in learning more about that / wanting to be a part of that, sweet <3 If not, no worries :) Goal of the group is to just have fun and make friends -- not sell anything to anyone.

Upcoming events (5+)


The Abbey

Wednesday nights are girls' nights at the Chapel in WeHo! (Next to the Abbey). Join us as we pray to the goddesses of fun the only way we know how: dancing to some sweet beats laid by some even sweeter female DJs. Alright I'm done with the cringey description. Find more info about "altargirl" here: https://girlbar.com/ I'm setting this up as a weekly event though most weeks, it may be un-hosted at times, feel free to use this event page as a way to see who else is going and coordinate your own mini meetup! :) have fun!


Moonlight Rollerway, Inc.

Join us for LGBT+ NIGHT @ MOONLIGHT ROLLERWAY! Setting this up as a weekly event as it is held every Wednesday at the rink. This event won't always be hosted but feel free to use this post as a way to chat & see who is going each week:) All skill levels can be found at the rink so don't feel bad if you're not a pro! :) skates can be rented at the location or you can bring your own! Hope to see you there :)

VR Experience at THE VOID!

The VOID at Glendale Galleria

Let's meet up at the VOID in the Glendale Galleria and sign up for a fun VR experience! To see all available experiences, go here: https://www.thevoid.com/locations/los-angeles-glendale/ Then, we can grab dinner and chat and get to know each other a little better in (actual) reality. See you there!

Coffee & Collab (Media & Entertainment) - Part Two!

Romancing the Bean

Let's grab coffee and network with each other! This one is specific to those in (or interested in becoming part of) the media / entertainment industry. Looking to get feedback on a script? Want to learn more about video editing? Whatever it is -- grab a coffee and chat away! (I have not been to this place but I picked it because the name sounds suggestive lmao... I'm 12 years-old :P )

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