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For more information and to stay tuned in with upcoming events and news:

Check out our website: https://musicproducersclub.com/

We are on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thempcofficial/&n... (https://www.instagram.com/thempcofficial/%C2%A0);

And Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thempcofficial/

About the MPC:

The Music Producers Club is a community of musicians who collaborate, educate one another, and share insight’s behind how to succeed as an artist. The Club was founded In 2011 when a group of musicians got together in a small recording studio in a city called Bellingham to share their music. Since that time we have continued to grow and host Music Producers Club events all over America. We are currently building our network in Los Angeles, where we frequently host events consisting of fireside chats, workshops, and networking sessions. As we continue to gain momentum, our core goal has remained the same: to be a community for musicians of all backgrounds and skill levels to inspire and support one another.

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