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What we’re about

Come join fellow Shibas and their servants/owners for playdates with other local Shibas. Many of our members have great Shiba stories, and many tips on how to deal with our very strong-minded dogs. We hope to see you for playtime at the dog park! 


Due to the increased costs of running this meetup, we will be charging an annual dues of $5.00 a year. For 7 years, we have run the meetup with no charge to members.  When we first started, the charges were $120 a year. Throughout these 7 years, the annual charges from have increased but we unfortunately won't be able to continue without charging our members. For this, we are sorry and we hope you continue to stay.  (For more information on organizer dues & price plans, please see:

LA OC Shiba Inu Meetup Group - Club Rules 


• Dogs attending meetups must be fully vaccinated with a current rabies certificate, DHPP and bordetella shots. 

• They should preferably be spayed/neutered (if not, please use good judgment with regards to your dog's behavior.) 

• Do not bring your dog if she is in heat, has diahrrea, or is otherwise sick. 

• Snarky dogs and dogs picking fights will be asked to leave the dog park.  If your dog is snarky at dog parks (or you don't know how they will be at dog parks), please join us for pack walks!  

• Meetups are organized by volunteers, and nobody is compensated for organizing. We do it for the fun of it!

• Many of our meetups are at dog parks, but occasionally they are special events hosted by other event coordinators- we are just informing you of the schedule and if it interests you, please join! If its not your thing, then hopefully there will be another event that suits your fancy. We will try to do our best to let you know if it is a "informational" meetup, where we are not the true host/organizers, and when they are "featured" meetups where we are the true organizers. 

• Owners must be in full control of their dogs at all times.

• Always clean up after your dog. 

• Please RSVP yes or no for all meetups as this helps plan activities.  

Posting on the Site: 

• Avoid offensive or abusive language. 

• No spamming. 

• Our meetup group does not support backyard breeders or puppy mills. Do not post puppies for sale or breeding/stud requests on this site. If you encounter such a post please contact an Organizer. 

• Please remain an active member by participating in message board discussions as well as meetup events. Inactive members may be removed. (They may rejoin at any time.)

•  If you feel something inappropriate has been posted contact an Organizer immediately. 

-Original source of club rules: Toronto Shiba Inu Meetup Group-