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Here is an opportunity for you to have fun acting, writing, directing and honing your audience skills, whether you are an enthusiast, a professional or something else altogether.

Our main gigs are:

1). Pop-Up Cold Reading of an entire play usually on a Saturday afternoon in Venice or Santa Monica at 2pm. We rotate roles if there are too many people or double up if there are too few. Age and gender doesn't necessarily figure in the casting.

2). Rehearsed Readings every 4th Sunday of the month in Culver City at 1:45pm. Casting finalized at the start of the session, then we split into groups to rehearse various scenes for an hour, returning for performances of each group to the audience of everyone else. Each month we rely on members suggesting scripts they have written or scenes from published plays or screenplays.

Writers wishing to have a scene of their play or script performed (10 pages max) - email us at LAPlayReading@gmail.com and we'll let you know how to upload the script for our perusal and discuss the process of getting it performed in the group.

We also need more members with directing experience for the Rehearsed Sunday Readings, so if this is you come along soon.

See you there.

Best Wishes, Danny and Henry.

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Rehearsed Play Reading #71 - Sunday January 27th at 1.45

SHARE! Culver City

Sunday January 27th, starting at 1.45pm, we will rehearse and perform readings of several short scenes from plays or scripts written by members of the group or taken from published work. Performances will be followed by discussion of the work presented. Your experience may range from professional to none. Enthusiasm and flexibility are the only requirements. We hope people will be inspired to work together to create and to have fun. Please remember to bring $5 per person as payment for this event. This goes toward paying for the room, Meetup fees, printing scripts and other admin costs. Please bring cash in small bills. FORMAT OF THE DAY At 1:45 pm promptly, we will start with introductions. Then on to finalizing casting, followed by rehearsal in separate groups for each script, and then performances. Discussion of the writing and performances completes the day. The session can run for 4 hours but if you have to leave earlier please commit to stay until at least 4.15 and let the organizer know. If you RSVP and turn up promptly on the day there will, most likely, be opportunities for you to act or direct. Casting for scenes may also be arranged in advance through Meetup's messaging and comments section so it is worth keeping an eye open for notices of such. If you are a new member and want to be considered for advance casting please have a suitable photo in your profile. Also check that you can receive messages from this group in your Meetup profile settings. If you want to bring in a scene or short play that you want to act in, direct or that you have written please consult with Henry at [masked] Running time is usually up to 10 mins for a small cast and up to 15 for a larger cast but this can be negotiated. We are experimentally discarding the usual tools for uploading plays and cast listing this month. Any enquiries, problems or help required - email [masked] Best Wishes, Henry, Danny and Caroline. Join Our Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/LAPlayReading/

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