What we're about

The LA Queer Business Collective is an inclusive community of diverse DIY entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.

We invite people who identify as queer, and own and participate in small business in LA to join together for community, support, and for business networking and development.

We've been building momentum since 2016, with a number of events. Currently, we're hosting one to two events a month for members, the community, and allies to join us to network and exchange stories and connections.

This is a queers-centered community of business owners and leaders.

If you want to start a queer business, this is also a great place to start!

We support indigenous queers, queers of color, trans, bi, and other gender- and sexual orientation- expansive identities, regardless of class background, to pursue their liberation through entrepreneurial dreams in the least oppressive ways possible, which as we all know is an on-going process that we're not afraid to get into. Xenophobia of any type will not be tolerated, but we aim to be open. We prefer 'call-in' as opposed to 'call-out'.

Los Angeles is arguably one of the most dynamic cities in the country, the center of one of the most dynamic regions on the continent and the planet, and the queers that live here from every walk of life contribute significantly with their labor, creativity, and energy.

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