What we're about

This is a language-agnostic group for developers, sysadmins and PMs to discuss the creation and consumption of RESTful web services. Let's get together and address the problems we all face regardless of the languages/frameworks we work in:

• How to structure our services

• What http status codes to use for various conditions

• How to handle sessions / user-logins / user-logouts

• Best practices for CORS and JSONP

• To force https or not?

• How to version an API and keep multiple versions running live

• How to test an API with SuperAgent, Postman, Curl, Selenium and others

• How to integrate Oauth

• How to write and generate documentation.

• How to deploy and/or integrate our API development into CI tools

Maybe this working group can set a unifying-standard for the creation of web services! And while we're at it, let's explore the various open apis available like Twilio, Twitter, AWS, and others. Let's consume as much as we create, and focus the discussions on the similarities between our implementations, instead of the differences.

Past events (2)

Round table: Are you RESTful?

Needs a location

Meetup #1: Let's write a manifesto!

Needs a location